I appreciate being considered for the job. I am Virginia State Licensed and have over 30 years of home inspection experience. Now all home inspections include the use of a FLIR thermal imaging camera to assist is detecting loose electrical connections, missing insulation, hidden water leaks, ducting leaks and air draft sources. The fee is only $445 for an average single family residence (up to 4000 sqft). Payment is by cash, check or Zelle on the day of the inspection. My personal biography and experience are posted below.
I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you!

Earl Haddix
Sherlock Homes, Inspector LLC

(804) 517-0393
VA State Licensed Home Inspector # 3380000181 NRS

Personal Biography

Early in my life, I developed a focused methodical inspection process as an airplane pilot at 16 years old and helicopter pilot at 18. I proved discipline and professionalism by graduating first in my class as an Army officer at age 19. I have also benefited from the attention to detail required from being a federally certified aircraft mechanic.

I started performing home inspections in 1987. As the owner of a residential and commercial repair service company from 1982 through 2003 I gained invaluable experience and knowledge. I was the "qualified party" with four different contracting licenses for my company and twelve employees. Though I was never involved in new construction, my experience in the repair fields, and contracts with all of the major home warranty companies, provided a much more relevant insight into the real world problems associated with post construction home ownership. As the head troubleshooter for my company, I accumulated a level of technical ability rarely possessed by one person. These include plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, solar, restaurant equipment, residential and commercial appliances, and everything in, on, or under a home or business. I have also provided expert witness and technical consultation services for homeowners involved in real estate litigation and arbitration.

My experiences with home inspections led me to seek the "ultimate" home inspection reporting system. The search ended with the discovery of the superior TWI reporting system in 1993, which I have been using exclusively. Advancements in computer technology and digital photography have been incorporated into the TWI system to bring the most progressive, efficient, and comprehensive inspection reporting system available.

In an effort to simplify life and eliminate the stresses of a large business, I ceased operation of my repair company in 2003 and moved to central Virginia. This has allowed me the opportunity to dedicate my efforts full time in the home inspection industry. I would be honored by the opportunity to provide for you the highest quality home inspection service available.